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Alexandria Service Menu

ā€œMassage is the simplest form of happinessā€

90 Mins is best Bodyworks Sessionļ¼Œ
We do deep tissue, tell us your pain area

1.Signature Deluxe Table Asian Bodyworks
( included Full body, Hot stone, Swedish Tissue, Oil…)
2.Royal Thai Bodyworks/Deep Tissue(recommend).
( included Full body, Thai stretch, Essential oil, Deep Tissue, Hot stone)
60 minsā€¦$75
90 minsā€¦$105
120 minsā€¦$135
30 minsā€¦$50
2. Asian Herb Oil For Pain/Deep Tissue (recommend).
( included Full body, Thai stretch, Herb / Essential oil, Deep Tissue, Hot stone)
60 mins…$75
90 mins…$105
120 mins…$135
30 mins…$50
2. Hot Hemp/ CBD oil Pain Relief (high recommend)
( included Full body, Thai stretch, Hemp or CBD oil, Deep Tissue. Hot stone)
60 mins…$80
90 mins…$110
120 mins…$140
30 mins…$50
3.Traditional Asian Foot Reflexology
30 minsā€¦$30
45 minsā€¦$45
60 minsā€¦$55
90 minsā€¦$85
4.Couple signature Deluxe Table Massage
(included 2 people, Full body, hot stone, Essential, Deep Tissue)
30 minsā€¦$90
60 minsā€¦$130
90 minsā€¦$190
120 minsā€¦$250
5.Traditional Asian Chair Massage
15 minsā€¦$20
30 minsā€¦$35
45 minsā€¦$55
60 minsā€¦$65

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